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Launch Your Own Luxury Car Rental Business

C.A.R. (Turo Business Mentorship)

C.A.R. - Cash to Obtain Assets to Rent  (Turo Business Mentorship)


Be In Profit Mode In 30 Days

Start a Luxury Rental Car business with no money down. Join our C.A.R. Program and learn how to start your own Luxury Car Rental Business with no out of pocket cost using Flex Funding and being in profit mode in 30 days.


Be approved for up to $400,000 to buy luxury vehicles and our Turo Business mentorship team will guide you to leveraging the best vehicles for your chosen market, the expertise to list them on Turo, and teaching you how to be in profit mode in 30 days.

Car Interior

Starting A Luxury Car Rental Business
With No Out Of Pocket Expenses

Minimum Requirements

The Minimum Requirements To Qualify For The Program Are:


680 Minimum Credit Score

Minimum $27,000 Annual Income

U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

2 Years of No Derogatory Credit History


Join The Turo Mentorship Program

Launch Your Luxury Rental Car Company Today!

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